Supporting young people to create healthy relationships

Everyone deserves a life free from family or sexual violence or abuse. If you have been exposed to family or sexual violence, or are struggling with your own anger, getting the right support is important. The journey to a violence-free future does not have to be travelled alone. Aviva offers support to young people and their family/whanau - every step of the way.

Entering your teen years and early adulthood can be a time of stress, fear, rejection, anxiety, confusion, depression and anger. If you are also experiencing trauma, an unsettling home life, or difficult relationships, then it can seem all the more overwhelming.

Aviva's Youth Service gives young men and women the opportunity and choice to create healthier relationships by empowering you to become aware of what an unhealthy or unsafe relationship looks like. We can share tools that will help you to develop and maintain healthy relationships in your lives.

Is violence or abuse hurting you?

Family violence doesn't always involve physical violence; it covers a wide range of behaviours including verbal threats or put-downs, intimidation, control and manipulation. You are affected whether you experience it directly, or witness abuse. You may go on to have difficulty with your own anger and struggle to develop healthy relationships. 

These relationships could be with your boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, parent/caregiver, step-parent, family member or any other important person in your life.

Do you recognise yourself, or someone you care about, in any of the following questions?

Is someone in your life using violence, or the threat of violence, against you or those you care about?

Are you, or someone you are in a relationship with, using controlling behaviours?

  • Suspicious of phone calls, texts, emails, friends or family
  • Becoming jealous
  • Trying to control who you/they see and where you/they go
  • Controlling access to money and how it is spent
  • Being isolated from friends and family

Are you, or someone you are in a relationship with, being emotionally abusive?

  • Using put-downs or name-calling
  • Making the other person feel useless
  • Showing little or no regard for the other person's thoughts or feelings

Are you, or someone you are in a relationship with, sometimes forced, intimidated or pressured into sexual activity?

Are you, or someone you are in a relationship with, being psychologically abusive?

  • Using intimidating or threatening behaviour
  • Playing mind games
  • Causing fear

Do you become angry easily and take it out on others?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, now is a good time to reach out and get support. A healthier, safer life is possible. You are not alone.

How we can support you

Aviva has a dedicated team of caring youth workers who understand family and sexual violence. They provide a free, confidential and individualised service for each young man and woman they meet, using a therapeutic educational approach. They can meet you wherever feels safe and comfortable for you.

Support from Aviva is available 24-hours and it's free. Call 0800 AVIVA NOW (0800 28482 669).