Aviva launches media campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Kiwis are being asked to speak up when it comes to sexual violence. 

“Asking For It… To Stop” is a campaign calling the community to action – to prevent sexual violence.

With practical tools, including language people can use to call out inappropriate behaviours, the campaign encourages Kiwis to stand up against sexual violence in their communities. Businesses can also sign up for free workplace workshops. 

Aviva General Manager – Operations Gwenda Kendrew says, “It’s a truth that many of us find uncomfortable, but the reality is that we receive referrals every single day related to sexual violence across Canterbury – as a community, we cannot afford to look the other way.

“That’s why we are doing this campaign – to help people understand that sexual violence is all too common and is fueled by a society in which unhealthy attitudes and behaviours are allowed to continue.

“If you see or hear behaviours that allude to unhealthy sexual attitudes, caring enough to speak up makes a huge difference.”

The campaign aligns with the globally recognised Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

According to the 2023 New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey, 1.1 million adults or 27% of the adult population, report being the victim of at least one act of sexual assault in their lifetime.

“Sexual violence is a spectrum which starts with attitudes and ends with sexual assaults.

“It’s not enough to think someone else will say, or do something to make it stop,” says Kendrew.

Keep an eye and an ear out for the campaign across Canterbury. For more information or to register your workplace for a workshop, visit stopit.nz.