I am a parent

This page is intended to provide helpful information, advice and guidance to all parents/caregivers, who want to support children and young people to understand and practice healthy relationships.

If you have a child you think needs Aviva’s specialist children and youth services please visit this page.

Parenting advice and tips

Communication and Conflict:

Choose to talk and to listen
Make time to talk away from any distractions, listen without interrupting, and be honest about what you're feeling.

Pick your moment
Heated communication can often happen in the wrong place, so agree on another time and place to discuss the issue

Discuss the issue, not the person
Focus on the issue that is causing the conflict. Try to use "I" statements

Say what you mean
If you're not clear in your communication this can lead to confusion and further conflict. Don't forget, your children can't read your mind

Be open
While it can be hard to discuss what irritates you about your child’s behaviour, it's important that you create opportunities to do so

Learn to apologise
You may not always be right, and by admitting this communication becomes a lot easier

Parenting Courses and Support Agencies:

The services and agencies listed below offer a wide range of parenting courses and information for those in the Canterbury region.

  • Barnardos - 0800 543 782
  • Catholic Social Services – counselling and family centre 03 379 0012
  • Christchurch Methodist Mission - 03 366 8839
  • Cholmondeley Children's Home - short-term emergency and planned respite care to children (aged 3-12) in times of family stress or crisis. Ph 03 329 9832
  • Family Works, Presbyterian Support - 03 366 5472
  • Parent Help - Parent Help is a Wellington based charity that provides help with all parenting issues, and offers a range of online resources
  • Plunket - 03 366 0765
  • Parenting Through Separation - This is offered by several providers in the Christchurch area, Barnardos and Family Works