Introducing a New Men’s Education Group

A group of diverse men sit in a circle listening to an older gentleman's story.

“I wish ReachOut was around when my parents were going through their divorce years ago. I feel as if my brothers and I wouldn’t have had to experience what we did if they understood the impacts of violence, and what that does to a child. I had to learn the hard way, but I see it now!” – ReachOut client

Everyone deserves a life free from family violence regardless of gender. Aviva have offered ReachOut as an individual program for over a decade now. After listening to our clients, we are pleased to be able to offer this service as a group to our communities. 

We plan each group quite carefully, aiming to match clients and their needs with like-minded people. Term 3 group this year is for men who want support to move away from a life of relationship conflict, anger and/or violence. It provides a space for men to connect, support one another and navigate the complexities of masculinity in a rapidly changing world. Most importantly it is a space for men to be heard, feel safe and be seen. 

The 10-week programme will be held once a week in Christchurch starting Term 3 in July. For expressions of interest, please contact or 0800 AVIVA NOW (0800 28482 669).

“Thank you, just thank you. Tonight I experienced life, hurt, vulnerability, pain and how anger has ruined my heart, soul and destroyed my being. This is a journey of discovery in terms of healing my demons. An understanding of healing in the true sense of the form. A form that is needed in order for my own sanity, a true inner sense in order to find happiness.” – My Father’s Barber co-facilitated men’s session attendee.