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Would you like to support Canterbury families who have experienced domestic violence? By becoming an Aviva supporter, you can. 

We must generate almost $2 million per year to offer our services to Canterbury families. Only 40% of that comes from govenment contracts and we must find the rest elsewhere - we really need your help.

Aviva is a registered charity (CC53151; this is the number of Aviva (incorporating Christchurch Women's Refuge) Charitable Trust) and therefore 33% of any donation to us can be claimed back from IRD.

Where does your donation go?

At Aviva, every dollar makes a difference.

95% of our funding goes directly to the services that support our community to become violence free, only 5% is used for administration purposes.

95% of funds go to service delivery

Credit Card Donations

You can donate by credit card via our secure donation page.

Bank Transfer

Bank: Kiwibank
Account Name: Aviva
Account Number: 38-9017-0823864-00
Please include your name as  reference. It's also nice if you email us with your contact details - we'd like to thank you and send you a receipt for tax purposes.


PLEASE NOTE: from 28 February 2020 our bank is going cheque-free and we will no longer be able to deposit cheques. You can read more about this change here. You can make online donations through this link or transfer funds directly into our bank account using the details above. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change please email or phone 0800 2848 2669.

If you wish to make a donation by cheque prior to February 2020, please send to: 
P O Box 24161,
Christchurch 8141

If you would like a receipt please include a return address. Keep your receipts to claim a 33% tax refund on your donation at the end of the financial year (31 March).

Regular Donations

You can become a regular supporter of Aviva on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis by setting up an automatic payment from your account or signing up via direct debit on our secure donation page. Simply contact your bank and ask to set up an automatic payment to Aviva. Our details are:

Bank: Kiwibank
Account Name: Aviva
Account Number: 38-9017-0823864-00

You can also set up an automatic payment yourself through internet banking. You choose the frequency and amount and you can alter this at any time. So that we can provide you with a receipt for tax rebate purposes at the end of the financial year (March 31), please be sure to email us your contact details.

Donations of Goods

Please contact us if you have items you are wishing to donate. Some things we always need and accept (e.g. non-perishable food or toiletries) but as our storage is limited, we cannot always accept other donations. For safety reasons, goods must meet NZ safety standards or international equivalent standards. Larger electrical items, including white ware and heaters, will only be accepted if verified to be in good working order by an authorised tradesperson.

Currently Need

As of March 2019 we are looking for:  

  • Newborn baby supplies - nappies, wipes, clothing, blankets, cot, pram etc.
  • New toiletries for children, women and men - soap, deodrant shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • Baby supplies - cot sheets, blankets, nappies etc.
  • Cleaning products
  • Non-perishable foods - dried pasta, tinned soups/fruit/spaghetti, rice etc
  • Mobile phones top ups
  • Petrol vouchers
  • Grocery vouchers

Thank you

Payroll Giving

If you are working and would like to make a no-fuss regular donation to us, you can ask your Payroll team to arrange Payroll Giving. Your are able to nominate a regular deduction from your gross salary to be gifted to a charity of your choosing. The scheme will be administered through the online PAYE tax system, so if your employer has signed up for the scheme you will receive the tax benefits on your donations each payday, rather than waiting to claim at the end of a tax year. 

If your employer has us on their system as Christchurch Women's Refuge, they will need to change this to Aviva (incorporating Christchurch Women's Refuge) Charitable Trust.

Payroll giving is already in place in other countries such as the UK, USA and Australia, where it has had positive results for charitable organisations. Some companies even match their employees’ donations as their own charitable gift (now 100% tax free for companies).The scheme is voluntary and employees can nominate any charity they choose. It costs employers nothing to take part. 

Make a Bequest

A bequest is a gift to charity after your death. Along with gifts to family or friends, you simply specify that a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate to be donated to Aviva. You should talk to your family and lawyer about any bequest you are considering, but you may also like to explore how best your bequest can be used e.g. a particular part of our service. Please feel free to contact us directly in the first instance. 

Funeral Donations

Many people will specify that funeral donations go to Aviva, often in lieu of flowers. This option can be discussed with your funeral director, as they will know the protocol for this type of donation.

Fundraise for Us

Become an Aviva Activator and join our team of community fundraisers. You could organise your own event (e.g. a fun run - ask participants for a donation or to sponsor you), take part in another pre-organised event (e.g. Christchurch half-marathon, or the City-to-Surf) and ask people to sponsor or support you, or simply use an everyday activity (like asking for donations from your party or BBQ attendees) to raise a little cash for Aviva. Every bit helps. You can do it offline or, if its a bigger event, you can do it online