I went to The Loft because I felt lost and alone, so when I walked in without even knowing they could help I really didn't know what to expect. Everyone I met there was so friendly and understanding, though. I never felt that my reasons for accepting their help were unreasonable, and I never felt personally invalidated.

I was invited to join a women's support group run by Aviva. I wasn't certain how well I'd do in a group environment, but the things I learned there and hearing what others had gone through really affected me positively and helped me to feel like I wasn't alone, especially since everyone was from very different situations, from young mothers to older professionals. It's surprising how strong some of these women seemed and yet they were still going through terrible situations, but sharing stories with them was inspiring.

My life has completely changed. The assistance they gave me and the extra support Aviva directly led me to has helped me gain so much confidence and self-esteem that I feel like a different person entirely. I still struggle with things, of course, but so many of the barriers that used to hold me back just aren't there anymore, or I have the tools and resources to get past most of them now. I would absolutely credit Aviva for putting me on the right path to be the much stronger person I am today.